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Ziplo at Web Summit - Protecting European Innovation

On 13/11/2023

We are proud to announce our participation in the Web Summit, one of the world's largest technology events, taking place in Lisbon on November 14, 15, and 16. This participation is made possible thanks to the support of Digital League, the digital cluster of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, and the Regional Council. We are also part of the Business France delegation, the national agency supporting the internationalization of the French economy.

"At the heart of European innovation, Ziplo's mission is to simplify and secure intellectual property protection for technology and creative companies," states Aurélie Drouvin, CEO of Ziplo. "The Web Summit is an extraordinary platform to highlight our innovative solutions and strengthen our presence on the European scene."

At Ziplo, we recognize the importance of the role of political and institutional decision-makers in European-level regulation. However, we are also convinced that innovation and change can be accelerated by private initiatives. Indeed, while European legislative processes require time and coordination to harmonize practices, the adoption of new technologies by companies can drive significant change.

With this in mind, Ziplo positions itself at the forefront to defend and protect European innovation. Our sovereign solution is designed to easily integrate into the daily operations of companies, allowing them to exchange and deposit files securely, with a certified date. This proactive approach is essential to guard against plagiarism and counterfeiting.

"We have made this protection both ergonomic and affordable. Our goal is to ensure that even young companies, often the most vulnerable, can benefit from this security from the outset. Ziplo is committed to facilitating access to robust protection for all, thus playing a crucial role in safeguarding European innovation and creativity."

Ziplo's participation in the Web Summit is a significant milestone in its development and underlines its commitment to innovation and cross-border collaboration. As a member of the Digital League delegation, funded by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, and Business France, Ziplo represents the dynamism and technological expertise of France.

"We are thrilled to participate in this renowned event and share our vision with global leaders in technology and innovation," adds Aurélie Drouvin. "It's an invaluable opportunity for Ziplo to forge connections with key players and promote our unique solutions at the European level."

The Web Summit will provide Ziplo with a spotlight to demonstrate how its technology can benefit various sectors and strengthen the protection of European innovations.

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