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Given their nature, it is almost impossible to prove that you are the author of a document or a digital creation. Only registering with a third-party meeting strict regulatory standards is a viable solution. Deposit your files on and immediately obtain legally admissible proof.

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Comment déposer un fichier sur Ziplo

Why provide proof of deposit?

Hesitating before sending your logo proposal to a potential client?

Need to protect your preliminary work before filing a patent, or to keep them as evidence in case of a preliminary patent investigation?

Wrote the business plan of the century but scared to share it fearing someone might steal your idea?

Need to register your original creations, product models, and packaging to prove you're the true author and defend yourself in case of infringement or sue in case of plagiarism by a competitor?

protected data

Ziplo meets all these protection needs at a cost that is modest considering the stakes.

Preserving the file in addition to timestamping it ensures the security of the evidence that will need to be presented in court. It's the original document, in addition to the timestamped proof of deposit, that will be definitive. By retaining your file, we ensure that neither its content nor its metadata will be altered and that the document won't be lost.

It's also possible to simply transfer your documents without creating a legally binding deposit.


Timestamping is a mechanism that assigns a definite date and time to an event, information, or digital data. Its primary goal is to record the moment an operation was performed. It might be a sequence of characters representing the date and time in a comprehensible form. In France, timestamping is subject to strict regulation set by the Ministry of the Interior. Ziplo relies on a recognized and accredited service to comply with this regulation and to be admissible in court.


Your file's hash

A hash is your file's unique digital fingerprint, much like a signature identifies a person. No two files in the world can have the same hash. This ensures the file's uniqueness, authenticity, and integrity over time, provided of course that it is not altered afterward (otherwise, its hash changes).
Learn more about hash functions (a bit technical).


Preserving your document

Once your file's hash has been calculated and timestamped, it must remain untouched. Otherwise, you alter its content and/or metadata, changing its hash. It shouldn't disappear either, or you'd lose the very evidence you need. This is why Ziplo, unlike other companies that only timestamp, preserves your original file. We guarantee that the hashed and timestamped file remains available whenever needed, without any alterations.

We store files cold (what we call "glacier" in our jargon), with triple replication, to ensure they can neither be lost nor altered (nor burned nor drowned). It's the combination of the original document and timestamped deposit certificate that constitutes evidence usable in court.

The significance of the blockchain

Blockchain is a transparent and secure technology for storing and sharing information, operating without a central control organ. It's a decentralized database containing the history of all exchanges between its users since its creation. This database is "secure by design." It's shared among its various users, allowing everyone to check the chain's validity, and no record can be modified afterward.

A blockchain can be likened to a large public, anonymous, and unforgeable ledger. We record certificates in the blockchain to ensure dual security.

If we were to disappear (we certainly don't wish for it, but let's be cautious), blockchain records would retain their validity. That's crucial for you. And it's kind of our cherry on top.

Europe privacy

100% French infrastructure

All our servers are in France, and we use French services compliant with GDPR. Our service meets French and European data security standards.

Regulatory compliance

Our service is "Privacy by design." We guarantee optimal data protection. Simply put, we don't watch you, and we don't bombard you with ads.

Choose your protection duration

File retention duration is a minimum of 3 years.
It's up to you to decide if you need more: 7 years, 11 years, or up to 15 years... or none at all if you have your secure storage solution.

A cost-effective solution

€3,66 for proof of deposit and a 100 MB file stored for one year.
The price varies depending on your file size.

Simple protection

Display the Ziplo protection on your documents to let others know they are deposited and protected. It's simple, it's fast, and it's efficient. It's a deterrent for those thinking about plagiarism.

Why Ziplo?

Ziplo is a French service that has been recognized by the Paris Court of First Instance for more than 10 years. We have been serving our users for a decade and will be around for many more years.