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Comment installer et utiliser l'option WebProof sur Ziplo


How does the Ziplo extension for Chrome work?

For a webpage, just click on "new deposit" and instantly, after clearing your cache, the following are deposited on Ziplo:

  • The URL
  • The screenshot
  • The MHTML code of the entire page to capture all the resources.

You will find this zipped file in your deposits: it has, like all files deposited on Ziplo, a unique fingerprint, a qualified timestamp, and immutable storage.

You can find your certificate in your dashboard.

How can I get this extension?

This feature is available with a Ziplo + account.

Go to your profile, then click on "Integration". You will then find the link to access the plugin and generate the token that will be requested after installing the extension on Chrome.

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Why use the Ziplo extension for Chrome?

A screenshot that carries weight: with the qualified timestamp, you can easily obtain evidence for an audit or to establish a report, for example.

Protect your online content: your website's texts, your articles... The deposit made allows you to set a date in case of plagiarism.

E-merchant? You can securely keep track of prices applied on a particular date to show that you indeed applied the indicated promotion or that the legal notices were indeed present in the event of a dispute with a customer or during a control of the authorities.