Enhancing customer relationships while strengthening cybersecurity.

On 13/07/2023

Human error accounts for 95% of security breaches. One wrong click in an email, a contaminated attachment, and disaster strikes swiftly.

What's the instinct of IT managers and business leaders? Primarily, to restrict email inboxes based on the size of the attachments, and also to introduce scanning and antivirus solutions.

It's an obvious choice, but it doesn't address the root of the problem (human error). Often, it introduces friction in interactions with partners or clients.

A fresh approach

Ziplo aims to enhance business-client interactions while bolstering the security of client data and business infrastructure. For this, we approached the problem differently.

Company employees should initiate file reception: they expect them, authorize them, and should recognize their correspondents. Thus, Ziplo envisioned creating temporary links for secure file reception through the platform.

These links have a limited lifespan, set by the link's creator (from 24 hours to a month), and can be revoked at any time for enhanced security. The advantage? Sending is much faster than via email, there's no risk of address errors, and each transmission can be up to 20GB, whereas most corporate emails are blocked beyond 10 or 15 MB.

After sending, the link creator gets notified, and the files are available in their Ziplo user space for secure downloading.

Businesses can also establish a permanent reception page to receive incoming files from clients or partners without sending invitation links. This page can be customized with the company's logo and colors for a consistent user experience.

safe link

Some use cases:

Are you a broker or real estate agent wanting to receive sensitive files (pay slips, National ID cards, etc.) from your clients? Create a unique, temporary link for them to deposit securely.

Are you a communication agency working with various providers on a project? Create a page linked to the project to receive all content in one place.

If you're a business in touch with clients and aim to ensure high-quality relations, set up a reception page and designate the available recipients on this page (named users or departments: accounting, communication, after-sales service...) to keep your employees' direct contacts confidential and avoid sending sensitive attachments via email.

Feature tested all summer: free with a ZIPLO account.