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A European alliance

On 08/01/2024

Ziplo and Registrasoft have decided to become partners following their meeting at WebSummit in Lisbon. 

Luis Manuel Tolmos Rodriguez-Piñeiro, founder of Registrasoft, and Aurélie Drouvin, founder of Ziplo, explain the significance of this partnership in a joint interview.

1. Why did you create Registrasoft?

We created Registrasoft in response to the demand for the ESCROW service in the Ibero-American market, addressing issues of business continuity for companies contracting software licenses. It serves as a solution to conflicts that arise between software developers and licensees when it comes to blocking payments or software evolution. Our technology allows not only auditing compliance with agreements and contracts but also involves a team of intellectual property lawyers with many years of experience in the technology sector. This enables us to understand, comprehend, and provide legal solutions to Legal Managers, their law firms, and the CTOs of companies.

Why did you create Ziplo ? 

We created Ziplo to simplify the protection of intellectual property. Many people are reluctant to share their ideas for fear of having them stolen, startup managers underestimate the value of their intellectual property, young creators or designers don't have the means to protect their creations... Ziplo is there for that. We've created a real proof engine.


2. How does Registrasoft work?

Registrasoft is a platform that allows the custody of technology (source code, manuals, etc.) arising between licensors and licensees on one or multiple distributed servers. This creates a comfort zone between the parties, enabling business continuity.

Registrasoft provides a comprehensive solution for the registration, protection, and custody of intellectual property related to technology. This encompasses the ability to manage intellectual property from the inception of the idea and initial concepts through its creation and evolution. Additionally, it empowers authors to self-manage their licenses and distribution as holders of intellectual property. This feature could offer creators greater control over their intellectual assets and streamline the process of license management and distribution.

How does Ziplo work?

Ziplo is an online solution for depositing any type of file (up to 20GB). We first calculate its unique fingerprint, and then time-stamp it (in compliance with the eIDAS + blockchain regulation). We provide the user with a certificate containing all the information, and can store the file securely so that it cannot be lost or altered. In this way, the user can use this proof of anteriority in the event of infringement or conflict with a partner/client/associate. 

We have also developed an online proof solution where Ziplo captures web pages on demand or automatically (the capture but also the source code of the page) to time-stamp them. We simplify and lower the costs involved in identifying counterfeit products, or simply protecting oneself by keeping a record of prices before a promotion, or of terms and conditions, for example. 

In addition to time-stamping solutions, we also offer a file-transfer solution, so you can exchange your creations in total security, via a French service (we don't use American or Chinese clouds).

3. Who are Registrasoft's clients?

Our clients are those involved in high-tech and expensive projects, such as governments, multinational corporations, or institutions commissioning technology for defense, banking, healthcare, or simply for engineering in the electric vehicle industry. These projects, now filled with software, resemble more than automobiles; they are like iPhones on wheels.

Who are Ziplo's clients?

Our customers range from independent designers to large, well-known companies in the advertising and communications sectors. 

Trainers, designers, startups, software publishers... but also their advisors: lawyers or patent attorneys.

4. Why work with Ziplo? 

We collaborate with Ziplo because we see an opportunity to ease the burden of clients not in our primary target but who still need to register their IP for small developments, such as startups or creators and designers. Moreover, it provides a natural gateway to the French market. With Ziplo's expertise, particularly that of Aurélie and her team, we can understand and redirect other large-scale technological projects. This adds value with a joint vision for French companies.

Why work with Registrasoft?

Our vision with Ziplo is to be able to offer a complete package to protect European creation and innovation. We could have developed a software escrow offer, but we think it's better to join forces with a more experienced player already operating in the market. Together, we'll be stronger, with a presence in France, Spain and Portugal. We already had users in Estonia and the Netherlands. I don't think we're working together enough on the continent to face up to the American tech players or the Chinese. Despite the common market, the EU is a fairly fragmented market. We need to learn to work together to make our mark.